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Basic Tips To Take Care of Nails

Keeping beautiful hands is not limited to doing manicures.

The nails are one of the most visible parts of your body when talking or when you do some activity. Take care of them as much as your clothes and makeup to achieve a consistent image. Fortunately, don’t always have to visit the nail salon to take care of them

Learn to dry your hands

Water deteriorates the cuticle and increases the appearance of infections. Dry your hands and nails well, preferably with paper towels. This will prevent dryness.

Your nails also dry out and damage as it happens to your skin; that is why regular nail care is important. Also, the use of detergents and chemicals weaken them in the same way. Use rubber gloves whenever you do any activity at home and apply moisturizer frequently to have healthy and moisturized nails. It helps a lot when you bathe, the advantage to push your cuticles because they are moist and facilitates the work.

Hydrate your nails. When you apply moisturizer on your hands, be sure to also spread the nails by doing circular massages on each one.

Keep them clean. Do not settle for the manicure at the hairdresser; it is essential that you eliminate daily the dirt that accumulates under the nails.

Use enamel with a protective base

If you usually wear your nails with enamel, be sure to use a protective base first, then spread the enamel in very thin layers and leave a few minutes before applying the second coat. Do not do the manicure more than once a week because it weakens the cuticles.

Cut the straight nails. To prevent the nails from becoming incarnated it is better to take small nail clippers and cut them straight. Make sure you do not pass the fleshy part because it is easier to dry out.

Avoid the cigarette. The tobacco causes the nails to take on a yellowish color and at the same time delays the normal growth of the cuticle.

Use appropriate products

Do not use nail polish removers or acetone hardeners or too much formaldehyde because they weaken the layers of keratin (natural protection of the nails) and leave them exposed to bacteria and fungi.

Consume vitamins A and B. Both strengthen the nails, so it increases the consumption of tomato, red paprika, carrot and brewer’s yeast.

Do not use metal files. The metal files are not a good option because they can produce stepparents. It is better to use cardboard files. Proceed from the sides towards the center continuously and with gentle movements. Do not use scissors.


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